Kaden’s 3rd Birthday

We celebrated a couple of days late and we were privileged to have Uncle Mark come down for dinner that day so he was able to share in the very minor festivities.

This was the very pathetic cake featured at the party.  I used a cake pan that only slightly left the desire Big Bird imprint — and when I added the frosting…well, we scraped off some of the face you could see who it was SUPPOSED to be!! Good news is, Kaden didn’t mind a bit. 🙂

Dorian and the birthday boy!

Mark is holding up the present from Grandpa and Grandma Kelly.  Good job, Mark.

David is looking a bit devilish with frosting on his face.

Getting excited about the gifts…

And here’s the family…  Thanks for coming, Mark!


~ by msdbkelly on November 1, 2009.

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