Parents’ Weekend – BYU-Idaho

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The one thing you can say for attending a parents weekend at BYU-I is that you are given the opportunity to feel the Spirit.  The speech by the president was uplifting and the Luau entertainment was awesome. 


Her first college abode


At the speech for parents. Ugh - I look old -- but I was there and here's proof.


Catching up with old friend Blake.


We had to thank the nice girl for holding the sign...


Just one "Luau dance" picture - the cool thing about the performers was that they were all return missionaries or about to go...


Oquirrh Mountain Cornerstone Choir – August 21, 2009 9 am

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It was, of course, a wonderful experience. We sang “How Great Thou Art” and “Song of Praise” – and we were all about 20 feet away from President Monson. This picture was taken at the Wednesday rehearsal two days before. Steve commented on it being a bit of a letdown to go to school and sing in the choir there and compare it to the sound we made with this choir – 175 people who have sung in choirs most of their lives.

Cornerstone Choir 1-1

Can you find us?


And this one was taken when we arrived home later that morning.


My! Girls DO like to dress up!

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And so there’s really no other reason for these pictures except that we have a couple of matching Tinkerbell dresses – WITH matching purse and gloves –so we MUST dress up!!!

DSC01371Dorian started this whole thing – and since we had matching shoes and hair piece – why not?




There's the purse and gloves I was telling you about...

There's the purse and gloves I was telling you about...








She was giggling hard and having fun!













But other little girls like to join in the fun, right?

And so — if Dorian is taking pictures…



Annistin wants to be in a picture, right?

Annistin wants to be in a picture, right?






But then she decided she wanted to dress up too…



Whoops!  Looks a tad too big!! But she's got the gloves AND purse!

Whoops! Looks a tad too big!! But she's got the gloves AND purse!

A Grace Hairdo Original

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Grace woke up this day for school and said she had a great idea for what she wanted to do with her hair.  Have you ever seen tiny little umbrellas used like this?


“Going to school with a new backpack!”

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One of the KEY elements of starting school is getting a new back pack like your older brothers and sisters.  So….because Dorian is starting kindergarten very, very soon, her big day came!!!


 And her big sister was there cheering her on all the way!!  They even sang a song that I’d share if I could post it on here…




Kaden – in a viking hat!

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There are simply not enough pictures of Kaden on our family blog — which is not at all representative of how much we love him!  He’s the BEST!  But to start remedying the lack of picture situation, here’s a start.  He never agrees to wear a hat when it’s cold or hot outside — but for a couple of days, he insisted on wearing this — so I took a picture of it.


 And one more because he’s a very cute boy…


Steven’s Height and Steven’s Dress Shirt

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These are two topics that come up alot around the Kelly home during a typical week.  About the shirt…for some reason the shirt is either lost or dirty.  This is a representative photo of the kind of food samples we might find on the shirt – hey – at least we were able to find it, right?


I don't know if you can really see the shirt of many foods...



He knew why I was taking the picture --what a good sport!











Steven came home from basketball camp and was delighted to have written proof of progress toward one of his most often repeated goals – GROWING!


Oh happy day...